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About Us

The team of Gary Hines and Cynthia Pinchback-Hines (Team Hines) embodies the principles and tenets of civil rights and social justice in their work as community builders and activists.

Gary championed many causes on behalf of students, faculty, and staff as Associate Dean for Student Services at the University of Michigan—Flint. His advocacy work with Save Our Sons and Daughters (S.O.S.A.D.), a Flint (MI) support group for families of loved ones killed through violence, and his dedication as a crisis intervention specialist for Hurley Hospital (Flint) produced powerful results for which he has been credited and honored.

 Cynthia’s community involvement began as chair of the membership committee for the Flint chapter of the NAACP. Under her direction, the chapter won first place in a regional membership competition. She is credited for introducing the concept of “diversity” to the General Motors Service Parts Operations Group and later to Cognis Corporation where she served as Diversity Director.

 Her board and organization memberships include NAACP, Urban League of Greater Cincinnati, Jack & Jill of America, Senior Citizens of Butler County, Boys & Girls Club, to name a few. In southern Ohio, Team Hines continued their involvement with the NAACP, with Gary having served ten years as president of the NAACP for the communities of Hamilton, Fairfield, West Chester, Mason, and Lebanon.

They were founding members of the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) for Butler County, OH and of the African American Families of the West Chester Area, a support group which monitored the practices of the Lakota school district. Because of their work, countless lives have been changed for the better. In the face of adversity and opposition throughout the years, they have persisted in their quest for upholding civil rights and social justice for those seeking and needing their help. Today, the energy and enthusiasm for their quest is greater than ever with the National Civil Rights & Social Justice Speakers & Training Bureau.

 “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”  Martin Luther King, Jr.