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Are you interested in taking your team to the next level with advanced training, consulting and professional development programs? Choose from our standard list of training programs or request customized training and development opportunities taught by our preeminent staff of trainers.

Standard Training Programs

Preparing the Next Generation of Civil Rights Leaders

As the prominent civil rights leaders of the 20th century take their respectable place in history, our nation is gearing up for a new generation of civil rights leaders composed of a multi-racial/multi-ethnic population who seek to eliminate the racial disparities in the U.S. and abroad.

The course Preparing the Next Generation of Civil Rights Leaders uses role-plays, case studies, and self evaluations to teach basic human and civil rights lessons designed to help participants address social/political issues from a personal, professional and community perspective. This course is an excellent service learning opportunity.

Cultural Competent Citizenry (3 Cs)

Not since the days of the civil rights movement has this country been so polarizing relative to social issues such as race, gay rights, and immigration. The absence of civil rights history and other forms of education that could help curb the intolerance underscores the need for a greater understanding of how to build relationships and work effectively with people of culturally different backgrounds and interests. This course will inform participants and elevate their sense of responsibility for using culturally competent practices in their day-to-day interactions.

Teaching for Change

When President Obama entered his name into the presidential candidate pool, many were skeptical of his ability to rise to the top seat in the nation, but his popular mantra “Change we can believe in” moved millions of people to vote for a man—a community activist— who had become a beacon of hope for the future. Teaching change will equip teachers, students, and community activists with tools they need to make a positive difference in social justice advocacy and to change the world. Using a unique set of experiences, selective readings, and provocative discussions, this course will generate powerful outcomes that participants can transfer to their respective organizations, schools, or agencies. 

Peace and Nonviolence: Lessons from the Past

This class is designed to provide a general introduction to the skills and information of nonviolent conflict reconciliation and a basic foundation for understanding issues and problems facing individuals, groups, and communities.  The class and associated activities will explore concepts, theories, strategies, and techniques of the nonviolent methodology practiced by Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  It is a training and educational course that is designed to teach skills and provide a philosophical, cognitive experience. 

Civil Rights History: Nothing but the Truth

Much attention is given to the modern civil rights movement, but for a more accurate historical framework, we need to travel back in time to Africa, before Africans were forced onto slave ships and taken away from their homeland. Journeying back to the genesis of Africans in the Americas, this course lays the groundwork for understanding the residual effects of slavery that have led to what Dr. Joy DeGruy calls post-traumatic slave syndrome. This course also traces the civil rights movement from its roots to present day and examines the impact of the civil rights movement on U.S. history, race, race relations, and the law.

From Tolerance to Acceptance: Changing the Diversity Conversation for the 21st Century

This course is designed to facilitate a renewed conversation on the issues of inclusiveness and organizational diversity. One of the few constants in our workplace and schools today is the trend towards increased organizational diversity/plurality.  This trend has caused organizations to re-think and evaluate the kind of skills their associates, managers, and students will need if they are truly going to be effective in developing and maintaining an inclusive, respectful, and accepting workplace.

Attitude: The Choice is Yours

Les Brown says “Your attitude determines your altitude.” He’s right—having a positive attitude makes life’s challenges less daunting and creates opportunities for excellence. This course will explore the power of attitude on one’s behavior and personal effectiveness.

Critical Race Theory

This interactive course uses critical race theory to explore the connection between race, racism, power, and privilege. Participants will identify microagressions that hinder relationships at school, home, and the work place and discover reasonable solutions through “open space dialogue.”